“The judge set the bail amount for what? How can anyone pay that amount? I can’t post bail with that price tag, we are not super rich!”

Yes, these are some general statements that defendants, their families, or friends make when they hear about the bail amount. A professional company for bail bonds in Wake County can help to lower the financial strain, but anyone who has had the task of appearing in a court for a bail hearing knows how ridiculously high the bail amount can be at times. Do you know some bail amounts are high enough to buy a middle-class home or an expensive sports car? Well, that isn’t the case all the time, but if you are wondering why bail is so expensive or why should you hire a bail bond company, here’s a guide for you!

Delve into it to find out how are you supposed to pay the bail that might sum up to thousands of dollars and what the court does with this money!

How is Bail Amount Determined?

The price of bail depends on an extensive array of factors depending on the severity of the crime. In the history of the United States, the highest bail amount was set at $100 million for Raj Rajaratnam in 2009. He was on trial for a $20 million insider trading scheme and later he was convicted and served his 11-year prison term.

Rajaratnam was charged with seven counts of securities fraud and our counts of conspiracy; in addition, there were also civil charges against Rajaratnam filed by the SEC. So, if your bail is set for $1 million, there’s a fair chance that your trial is for a critical crime. Also, if the defendant is a flight risk or they have a prior criminal record, the bail amount is typically set higher. Besides, you should also understand what kind of charges qualify for bail bonds before you try to post bail or calculate the bail amount.

What happens to the bail amount?

Bail works as an incentive and it is refundable at the end of the trial. However, the defendant must appear at all court appointments without committing any other crimes if they want their bail amount back. If they miss their trial or get in trouble while on bail, the company offering Wake County bail bondsor whoever is responsible for paying the bail amount can lose thousands of dollars. As there is so much at stake, courts set the bail amount high so the defendant appears at all court dates and meets all requirements.

How to pay the bail?

There’s no denying that the hefty bail amounts are a security incentive to make the defendant appear before the court; however, very few people can post bail worth thousands of dollars shortly after the arrest. That’s why licensed agents for bail bonds exist in Wake County, NC. Whether you need help with bail bonds to secure bail for the defendant, you need to prepare for your case before your arraignment and gather evidence outside the jail or you just need help with the bail bond process, professional bail bond agents from EZPZ Bail Bonds can help you around the clock.

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