Do you have a loved one currently facing legal problems in Raleigh? Perhaps, you may be the person needing information about bail bonds because getting arrested and kept in custody can be an intensely daunting experience.

You are not alone if you are looking online for Raleigh bail bonds. Understanding how to navigate Wake County bail bonds to get out of custody is essential. Then you can prepare your best defense leading up to the trial.

What Are Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds are monetary amounts people need to pay to get themselves out of jail. When bail is set, defendants can leave the confines of prison to work with their lawyers to prepare their defense.

Typically, a magistrate would set the bail amount within 48 hours of a person’s arrest. Then they will also establish conditions to the bail that apply to the individual’s release.

If you are hopping online to search for “bail bonds near me,” you are reassuring the court that you will appear for your trial as scheduled. Bail bonds Raleigh NC can be posted in the form of cash by the defendant.

You can also post bail through a bail bonds company. This is typically the best option, especially if someone does not have the funds themselves to post bail.

Raleigh Bail Bonds

There are numerous factors that influence the bail bond amount. For example, a defendant’s past criminal record can affect the amount.

If someone has a hectic criminal background, the courts can set a significantly higher bail amount. Sometimes, the magistrate can also deny bail altogether.

Especially if a person is likely to flee before their case is heard. The most common charges that qualify for bail bonds are misdemeanor charges.

These represent non-violent crimes, such as traffic violations, vandalism, trespassing, and petty theft.

Then come felony charges. These are primarily all-violent crimes, such as kidnapping, fraud, rape, murder, larceny, and robbery.

Most first-time offenders get granted bail at a significantly higher amount, but this depends on the severity of the crime.

DUI charges also qualify for bail bonds Raleigh. However, many people get released on their own recognizance if they do not have any other charges against them.

If someone is a repeat offender with a history of criminal activity, is considered a flight risk, or is dangerous to society, they will not qualify for bail.

Wake County Bail Bonds

Now that you know what kind of charges qualify for bail bonds, it is time to get the best legal advice from professionals. Remember that judges usually include a series of conditions that you must follow.

Bail amounts are never automatically set. It can sometimes take up to 48 hours to get a bail amount. Then you can be released from custody after posting bail.

Contact us today, and our Raleigh bail bonds experts will help you understand your bail terms to ensure that you have the best chance to prepare for trial.