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When is the Defendant Released After Posting Bail?

The legal process surrounding bail isn’t easy. In fact, it can be confusing and complex for many individuals. If you are entangled in the criminal justice system, reaching out to a bail bondsman in Raleigh is probably the first step. However, when you post bail, one common question is: when exactly is a defendant released after posting […]

Bail Bonds for Restraining Order Violations

Comprehending Circumstances When Bail Can Be Denied

In the criminal justice system, many provisions safeguard an individual’s right to innocence. Among all these provisions, bails stand tall as a defendant’s rite of passage into freedom. As we already know, bail secures the release of an individual from custody before the trial. Defendants have to pay the bail amount, and once they appear […]

Bail Bonds for Restraining Order Violations

What’s the Bail Amount for Violating a Restraining Order?

People often tend to get a restraining order in situations where a victim has reasonable evidence that another person is endangering or harassing them. Typically, a restraining order is a court document that protects someone from offensive behavior by someone. It protects them against physical violence, threats, abuse, and harassment. Do you have a restraining […]

Bail Bondsman for Domestic Violence

Understanding Domestic Violence Bail in Raleigh, NC

In Raleigh, NC, domestic violence is a severe criminal offense that affects countless individuals and families. If you are facing charges of domestic violence, waiting for the trial behind bars is not doing your case any favor. The time you are in jail might be your only time to set matters in order and spend […]

Common Family Problems After an Arrest

Common Family Problems after an Arrest & How to Avoid Them

Often, families encounter unexpected twists and turns in the journey of life, and one such expected challenge that turns a family upside down is when someone is arrested. The ripple effects of an arrest can be profound, and it doesn’t just impact an individual’s life and career, it also influences their entire family. Family members […]

Bail Bonds Wake County, NC

Why Bail Amounts Are Set So High?

“The judge set the bail amount for what? How can anyone pay that amount? I can’t post bail with that price tag, we are not super rich!” Yes, these are some general statements that defendants, their families, or friends make when they hear about the bail amount. A professional company for bail bonds in Wake […]